“1:all fungi are edible.
2: some fungi are only edible once”
— Terry Pratchett (via bableman)

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“[Hours Ago] Me: Do I have a scary street sweeper shuffling through the scary scene in the Square of Salt?
Me: I DO!
[Now] Me: Do I have Deirdre walking around in a ridiculous bathrobe while she is guarding Grace?
Me: I DO!”
— I make a great team with myself #OTP

This is a Deirdre that I just drew on the inside of a cereal box. I was just excited because in the morning when I decide I drew her totally out of proportion, the fact that cereal!Deirdre currently looks exactly like the Deirdre in my head will disappear.

  • my future kid: mom do we really have to watch this again???
  • me: oh alison honey yes whether you like it or not now go call your sisters sarah and cosima tell em we're having an orphan black marathon tonight


First communion with my sister and my Grand Pa.

Happy birthday, Grand Pa Phil! He would be 94 <3

“Each encounter with Jesus fills us with joy, with that deep joy which only God can give.”
— Pope Francis, April 21, 2014, via Twitter (via faithful-flockstar)

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In honour of Our Lady of Seven Dolours. Indulgence of 300 days. (Pius VII, 14”’ Jan. 1815)

I. I deeply compassionate, 0 Mary, mother of sorrows, the affliction suffered by thy tender heart, on hearing the prophecy of the old man Simeon. Dearest mother, by thy greatly afflicted heart, obtain for us the virtue of humility and the grace of the fear of God. Ave Maria.

II. I deeply compassionate, 0 Mary, mother of sorrows, the anguish suffered by thy most sensitive heart during the flight and the sojourn in Egypt. Dearest mother, by thy afflicted heart, obtain for us the virtue of generosity and of liberality above all towards the poor and the gift of piety. Ave Maria.

III. I deeply compassionate, 0 Mary, mother of sorrows, the cruel grief felt by thy tender heart, at the loss of thy dear Son Jesus. Dearest mother, by thy holy heart so keenly tried, obtain for us the virtue of chastity and the gift of knowledge. Ave Maria.

IV. I deeply compassionate, 0 Mary, mother of sorrows, the consternation which thy maternal heart experienced when thou didst meet Jesus bearing his Cross. Dearest mother, by Thy sensitive heart so steeped in bitterness, obtain for us the virtue of patience and the gift of fortitude. Ave Maria.

V. I deeply compassionate, 0 Mary, mother of sorrows, the martyrdom endured by thy courageous heart at witnessing Jesus in his agony. Dearest mother, by thy heart, so cruelly martyred, obtain for us the virtue of temperance and the gift of good counsel. Ave Maria.

VI. I deeply compassionate, 0 Mary, mother of sorrows, the wound received by thy lender heart when the side of Jesus was opened, and his Heart pierced by the lance. Dearest mother, by thy heart so sorrow fully transpierced, obtain for us the virtue of fraternal charity and the gift of understanding. Ave Maria.

VII. I deeply compassionate, 0 Mary, mother Of sorrows, the lively anguish with which Thy tender heart was lorn at the burial of Jesus. Dearest mother, by thy sacred heart, so cruelly overwhelmed by sorrow, obtain for us the virtue of diligence and the gift of wisdom. Ave Maria.

V. Pray for us, 0 most sorrowful Virgin.

R. That we maybe made worthy of the promises of Christ.


Lord Jesus, we implore, now and for the hour of our death, the intercession of the most blessed Virgin Mary, Thy mother, whose holy soul was transpierced, at the lime of Thy Passion, with a sword of grief. Grant this, 0 Saviour of the world, Thou who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Ghost for ever and ever. Amen.


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Today I found the tiniest baby painted turtle ever in a cul-de-sac near the lake where I live. Sometimes they get taken by birds, sometimes they get lost and dehydrate on the way to the lake from their nests – in this case, because it was uninjured, I’m inclined to assume the latter – oh, the perils of being tiny. So I picked it up, thinking, “Oh sad, it’s dead.” BUT THEN ITS TINY FOOT MOVED so I ran back to the lake and brought it where I know all the young painters seem to congregate. When it smelled the lake, it started running around in circles on my hand and I watched it paddle four or five feet to freedom until I couldn’t see it anymore. It was so adorable. It kept looking back like, “This is what I wanted, human.” I really hope it survives. It was so adorable and so, so tiny. It had a lot of personality for a creature that did not expect to live and between the running in circles and the majestic paddling, it reminded me of Luisa.

I made this. Happy Easter!